Building up websites, a goldsmith job...

Building up a website can seem to be a simple task. But, after sometimes it comes out that the work grows as the website expands. The implementation chosen tends out not to be the most suitable one for this kind of website, and requires much more work to be updated.
I offer you my skills and experience in building up websites to help you finding a solution that suit your needs, that will evolve in the future.
The skills can be split into 3 categories :
- Theory : Analysis - Specification, Merise, WAI.
- Practice : Php, (x)Html, Css, Javascript, Ajax.
- Implementation : Server admin.

 Analysis - Specification  

A website is a precise idea the client has. Prior to starting the coding work, it's advised to define precisely what the needs are, and which of those needs can be adapted in the website using the tools and languages available. Design also has a central place in the discussion, to define what can be done, and what needs to be reworked.
During those talks between the client and the developer, the project gets an outline, and the website is described in details in the specification document. This specification document will be reffered to during all of the coding work.


A dynamic website relies on a database, in which informations to be displayed are stored. To improve the way those informations are stored in the database and avoid overloading it, methods are used to organise the storage.
The so called MERISE method is used to avoid duplicate entries in the database.


The WAI are a set of recommendations to make web content more accessible to visual deficient people.
Those norms and recommendations apply to the code structure, and will help accessibility software to better understand how the page is intended to be displayed, and renders the information accordingly to the user. A special CSS can also be available for colorblind or visual impaired people.


PHP is to a website what the motherboard is to the computer. It's the engine that makes it dynamic.
PHP is also used to fetch informations from the database, and display them on the web page. The fetched informations are integrated into the generated html code of the page.
PHP also allows to handle a member area, user inputs, file upload, mail sending... Using graphic libraries, pictures can be displayed and manipulated online.


Html is the language used to define the page structure that will be displayed in the web browser. By using a well defined syntax, and by respecting the recommendations of the w3c, the same rendering can be ensured on most of the common web browsers respecting the standards.
The html code is also analysed by the web crawlers of the different search engines. A clean, well formed html code gets faster a higher ranking in the search results.


One code, multiple rendering. That's made possible by using different CSS style sheets, defining where to put the elements of the page, the text color, pictures...
Like html, CSS relies on a precise syntax, and respecting this syntax makes the rendering stay the same even when switching web browsers.
For a same website, a style sheet can be defined for screen display, one for mobile devices, one for printing...


Javascript added to some pages adds some interactive dynamism to the page, like changing a picture when the mouse goes over, hiding/displaying element in the page...


Ajax is a mix of two different technologies (Javascript and XML), and is used to reload informations in the page, without having to reload the entire page and in the same time fetch informations from a database for example.
Because ajax calls are asynchronous, they can be executed as background task while navigating, and display the informations once available.
Ajax is part from the Web 2.0 concept.

 Server admin  

To be made available on the internet for others, the website needs to be installed on a web server. Multiple choices are offered to the website admin, from the disk space provided by the internet service provider, a shared server, a dedicated server...
A shared server or a dedicated server offer more options for the configuration, but also require more time for the configuration and security setup. In this case, the database server, the mail server, every needed tool has to be installed and configured.
To help and make it more simple for you to have your website online, I can host your pages on a personal space on my dedicated server, having all the needed tools, and a high speed internet connection.


  • LudoTic: LudoTic is an ergonomy company, for software, games and web site.
  • Support: I help, advise and debug code for other web developper using instant messaging and mail.
  • *.bling182.fr: I realise and manage all websites under my domain bling182.fr.


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